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Marc & Emma

Short Film - Oh Willy

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Short Film - Fight

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Natuurpunt and Velt - Garden Ape

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Baby Bio - Doudou

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Marc & Emma are a filmmaking couple based in Ghent, Belgium. While Marc’s background lies in live-action, Emma loves anything to do with puppets and miniatures. Using a range of handcrafted techniques from stop-motion animation to puppeteering mixed with live action, their work is known for a particular kind of absurd humour and tenderness. Their 2012 stop-motion short 'Oh Willy...' has won over 80 awards worldwide, including the coveted Cartoon d'Or in 2012. Their animation work on the 'Sugarman' commercial for Belgian sugar manufacturer Tiense Suiker was awarded a Bronze Craft Lion for Animation, and their 'Stress Doll' ad for the Belgium public transport company De Lijn won an Effie award for effectiveness, as well as being voted the most popular Belgian ad of 2014.


  • 2014Fight! - Special award commercial Ottawa Animation Festival
  • 2014Fight! - Sapporo Award New Chitose Festival
  • 2012Oh Willy - Cartoon d’Or 2012 Winner
  • 2012Oh Willy - Silver Hugo for best animated short Chicago Film Festival
  • 2012Oh Willy - New Face Award Japan Media Arts Festival
  • 2013Oh Willy - Best Animation SXSW
  • 2013Oh Willy - Grand Prix ITFS Stuttgart
  • 2013Oh Willy - Prix Ars Electronica- Award of Distinction
  • 2013Oh Willy - Nominated for Cézar