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Sam Southward

Short Film - After The End

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Magic Light Pictures - The Gruffalo Spotter - AR App

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Sam Southward is a London born director, screenwriter and animator. He is known for his distinct character design and the combination of live action and CG techniques that he uses to tell stories. Professionally he has worked on a wide variety of projects from films and commercials to computer games and performance pieces. A common thread in Sam’s work is his sense of humour and the way he uses it to tackle poignant subject matters and create immersive worlds. His latest film After the End was selected for the 2015 Annecy animation festival and won Gold at the 2016 YDAs for the Film School Category. Sam has just worked with Magic Light Pictures in partnership with Forestry Commission England to create The Gruffalo Spotter augmented reality app.


  • 2016After the End - Young Director Award - Gold for Film School Category
  • 2015After the End - Palm Springs International Short Film Festival - 2nd Place - Best Student Animation category
  • 2015After the End - Kuandu international animation festival (KDIAF) - Best international student short
  • 2015After the End - Dinard Festival du Film Britannique - Hitchcock award for best short film