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FutureVille Wins GOLD!

Nexus Interactive Arts and Director Jim Le Fevre win a GOLD at the Lovie Awards in Mobile and Applications - Integrated Mobile Experience for FutureVille created for The Science Museum.

About FutureVille

FutureVille, created by director Jim Le Fevre, is a multi-player game based on Nexus Stage; Nexus Interactive Art's (NIA) proprietary technology and design which launched at the end of 2014. It will bring to life the skills that engineers use everyday and is aimed at inspiring young people to think creatively about a career in engineering.

Looking to highlight the wide variety of roles in the industry, NIA’s visually striking installation sees a beautiful vibrant city projection mapped onto a 3D printed mechanical moving set, where multiple users will be able to interact with it via their own smartphone over WIFI. The objective is to successfully unlock up to eight different zones by driving a car around the city picking up engineers and delivering them to their workplace. Each engineer that is picked up represents a real-world career option in engineering and after each zone is successfully unlocked, the users are able to learn about them and what they do at work.

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