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BBC Bitesize

Good friends Grace, Sam, Zak, Leona, Daria and Dan are in Year 10 at Secondary School. As well as dealing with their busy social lives, punctuated with blogging, roller disco and playing guitar, there is something else on their to-do list… now what was it… Oh yes…! Their GCSE exams!

Jim Le Fevre was commissioned by BBC Bitesize to write and direct an imaginative, animated comedy in 9 three-minute stand-alone episodes. It follows the six friends in their day-to-day lives as they prepare for their GCSEs.

The films use a unique combination of live action puppetry and 2D animation, creating a distinctive, irreverent and sometimes-bizarre sitcom, aimed at an audience of worldly-wise 14-16 year olds. The series demonstrates to students the virtues of revision and exam skills, passing on tips and tricks to get them through the stresses and strains of GCSE exams fever.

All 9 films are available to watch by downloading the free BBC Bitesize app .

Film Series Credits

Director: Jim Le Fevre

Producer: Claire CookExecutive Producer:   Luke Youngman

Writers: Jim Le Fevre, James Rawlings

Educational Consultant for Nexus:  Julie Johnson  Educational Consultant for BBC: Priscilla Mcguire

Production Coordinator:  Eloise Padmore

Production Assistants: Lily Robert, Orchid Vishkaiy

Head of Finance: Simon Morris


Grace & DariaFreya Parker

Mr. Moore: Michael Amariah

Leona: Dominique Moore

Zak:  Michael Quartey

Dan:  Ben Deery

Sam: Raj Ghatak

Production Design

Set Design/Props Maker: Joe James

Puppet Costumer: Keith Frederick

Puppet Hair: Katrin Kratz

Puppet Shoot

Lighting Cameraman: Simon Maunder

Puppeteers: Jim Le Fevre, Joe James

Production Assistant: Alma Morris, Ella Jackson-Jones


2d Animators: Clementine Gaultier, Dylan White

Tracking Artists: Laetitia Gremiaux, Alessandro Melillo

Editors: Jim Le Fevre, David Slade

Sound Design: Chris Branch, Brains and Hunch

Script Consultation & CommissioningBBC Bitesize

Thanks: AQA examination questions are reproduced by the kind permission of AQA.


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