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Disney TV series launched

Invade All Of The Humans!!!

Invade All Of The Humans!!! launches on Disney XD

Nexus is delighted to announce that from 13 June 2016 a series of five new animated comedy shorts entitled Invade All of the Humans!!! will be available to view on the Disney XD app, Disney and Disney XD’s YouTube Channel.

The shorts were created by directing team and brothers Tom and Mark Perrett and are based on their original 2012 micro-musical-comedy film. The episodes follow the highly dysfunctional misadventures of Calculord 3 and PX Micron, who believe that they are giant futuristic space invaders here to take over the planet.

Enormously popular back in the 80s, the two plastic robots now live in the park and spend their days dreaming up crazy, impossible invasion plans that are so ridiculous, they are always doomed to fail. Fortunately the robot duo also produce hilarious banging rap tracks to keep them motivated and driven in their quest.

Tom and Mark Perrett, Nexus Directors, said “We were really excited to expand our original film and idea, further developing both the characters and stories for Disney Television Animation. The process of taking these lovable, comical characters to a new platform has been a fantastic journey and we’re excited to share them with the Disney XD audience.”

Watch all the episodes now! 

Read more on the Disney website here!