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Inspired by the creative application of design and technology demonstrated in BOX, Audi approached Autofuss to realize a spot that symbolized the harmony of art and engineering embodied in their vehicles. To promote Audi’s new A3 Sportback, Autofuss applied their expertise in advanced 3D projection mapping to transform a pair of robotically controlled canvasses into massive lenses that would augment the vehicle. 

Rotating the mechanized vehicle between these two lenses, Autofuss accented a specific feature set available in the new Sportback, and took the challenge a step further by generating the effects practically and captured the entirety of the spot in-camera.. GMUNK involvement was once again as Design Director for the entirety of the spot, taking command over the very talented design team of Jason English Kerr, Michael Rigley, Ryan Chen, and Christoffer Bjerre - each designer tackling a specific section of the spot.. Munkowitz also played a primary role in conceiving the concept of the Augmentation Lenses and guiding the month-long pitch that ultimately led to the award of the job.. 

It was a huge undertaking, bringing together a massive amount of talented people to craft an extremely complex dance of design and technology, the essence of both the Autofuss and Audi brands..

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