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Voyage Magique

This Christmas, Burberry has collaborated with Nexus Interactive Arts to provide an interactive mobile experience for visitors to the prestigious Printemps store in Paris. 

Each year millions of visitors gather to see what beautiful creations Printemps has created in their shop windows. This year, they have pushed the digital experience to an unprecedented interactive level. 

Visitors use their own SmartPhones to connect to the Burberry WIFI network. Once connected the system calculates where you are located across the 100m Printemps shop facade to allow you to interact with the window in front of you.

On your Smartphone, and in the browser, a beautiful illustrated carousel appears matching the actual window you're stood in front of with some added UI features. A button shaped like a camera icon once pressed takes you inside the window! Each camera icon represents a single Raspberry Pi camera that is streaming live video to your SmartPhone. 

By sliding your finger left or right you're able to explore other windows on the Printemps facade. Each camera button takes you somewhere different, so for the first time you can see these windows close-up and from perspectives never thought imaginable. You can even take photos from the cameras and save the images down to your phone for memorabilia and social sharing! 

The interactive experience goes even further though - you can control elements inside the window with your Smartphone. In the same interface you can control wind by spinning giant umbrellas left or right with just your finger. You can also simulate stormy weather by holding your finger down to make the lights darken, finally coming together with a flash of light and a loud thunder clap. 


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