Celebrating science and the natural world in Forms of Nature. Journeying through sounds and light in Sonaria. Globetrotting with Mr Persol. Visualising the ‘Perfect Mom’ with Spike Jonze.

Led by Creative Director Kevin Dart, Chromosphere has been operating out of its Los Angeles headquarters since 2016, having released the beautifully crafted and widely acclaimed Forms In Nature the previous year, which was the result of the culmination of nearly a decade of collaboration between close friends & artists. The film celebrated the relationship between science and the natural world and was honoured with the 2016 Motionographer Motion Award for Best Short Film.

Most recently, Chromosphere co-directed the forthcoming Google Spotlight Story, Sonaria, with Scot Stafford. The ethereal VR film is described by the Spotlight Stories team as its first experimental animated film and follows two shape-shifting creatures in a vivid and immersive journey of light and sound.

Having worked in animation for over ten years, Kevin’s accolades include the 2017 Daytime Emmy for Best Individual Achievement in Animation and the 2016 Annie Award for Best Production Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production.