Eran Amir

Taking twenty-five 3D printed babies on a scenic trip around the world. Infinitely replicating dancer Mimi Jeong in VR using a pioneering custom-built single camera rig. Making a film in reverse shot entirely in camera with no post-production trickery. Making a film in black and white but shot in colour. These are just some of the madcap projects that up-and-coming talent, Eran Amir has self-ideated, tackled and conquered.

A pioneering platform agnostic Director, Eran’s clever and fun films stem from his constant need to challenge the norm and pose a conundrum to the viewer on how they were achieved.

Using techniques including digital and analog, high-tech & low-tech, virtual & handmade, his films have gathered millions of views online and earned nominations for the UK Music Video Awards and the MTV O-Music Awards.