When legendary guitarist Jimmy Page met the Fender Telecaster, rock history was made.

As part of Led Zeppelin’s 50th anniversary celebrations, Smith & Foulkes created animated short ‘The Mystical Journey of Jimmy Page’s ‘59 Telecaster’. Taking viewers on a psychedelic tour through a pivotal time in music, the film is shaped around Jimmy’s own words on his relationship with the iconic guitar.

Immersing themselves in the heady days of the late 60’s, Smith & Foulkes creatively expanded around Jimmy’s narrative to focus on what happened when these two creative energies collided.

The Mystical Journey of Jimmy Page’s ’59 Telecaster was awarded a prestigious Annie Award in 2020.

“Holding this guitar, he said ‘here, this is yours'”

“Reflective and almost kinetic, the Telecaster was a channeling vehicle for music.”

“A real custom-made psychedelic guitar”

“That was it.  That was the decision to form Led Zepellin”