— Grrr

Honda’s chief engineer hated diesel engines so much he flatly refused to design one unless he could completely start from scratch. Consequently Honda’s first diesel is one of the least noisy, cleanest and most refined engines on the market.

Honda’s agency Wieden & Kennedy were taken by the idea of Hate as something positive, a passionate force that could actually be turned to good use, and the slogan ‘Hate Something Change Something’ was born.

Wieden & Kennedy turned to Nexus directors Smith & Foulkes to imagine and create a landscape of positive hate. The resulting animation is a gloriously colourful fly through that follows the dirty diesels as they antagonise a world of bunnies, fish, flamingos, rainbows and flowers who destroy the engines in exchange for something much better.

The full animation was created at the Nexus studio in London in just 3 months.