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Let us take you on a journey into the world’s strangest minds. For a short time you occupy the brain of some of the quirkiest comic thinkers and experience their unique take on life.


To be directed by key talent from our award-winning roster (Smith & Foulkes, FX Goby, Felix Massie, amongst others)

Featuring some of the world’s best known comedy talent

Each episode will transport you through their stream of consciousness and inner musing. For a short time you will occupy the brain of one of the world’s quirkiest thinkers and experience their unique take on life. The thoughts are voiced in a monologue and will be brought to life via real-time VR animation in a series of immersive comic visualizations.

This quirky experience will be suitable for anyone from 13 to 89. Key to our ambition is to feature talent who will appeal to our current core audience, but also have the potential to reach out into the mainstream.

From elegant journeys in motion graphics to psychedelic trips, sketches and random scribbles, this animated world will reflect how an individual’s inner space might look.

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