1.4’s Lyndy Stout interviewed our director Fx Goby about his award-winning animated short ‘To Build a Fire.’ The film swept the animation festival world and is now available to watch online here as a Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere.

The piece was featured on 1.4’s ‘Super Cool’ section.

“Fx Goby spent eight weeks with a team of collaborators holed up in his flat making this masterpiece – a labour of love and hard work rewarded with laurels from nearly every festival possible.

Read the full interview here.

Lyndy: What was it about Jack London’s 1908 short story, To Build A Fire, that inspired you to make your short film?
Fx: I have always been inspired by raw stories, the ones about elementary needs or emotions. To Build a Fire is an extremely simple story about a man that needs to build a fire for his survival but in the harsh winter of the Yukon every detail matters. I read this story as a teenager, when I was a boyscout, and back then I felt its cinematic potential and it never left me, until I decided to finally make it into a wordless polar western.”