A selection of Nexus Studios’ puppet-loving directors, including Johnny Kelly, Siqi Song, Conor Finnegan and Paloma Baeza, spoke to LBB’s Zoe Antonov to discuss the medium’s commercial resurgence, how to approach characters, whether or not every project or client is right for a puppet-led treatment and more. Whether you’re a seasoned puppeteer or new to the medium, there’s sure to be something for you in this in-depth discussion.

The article provides a fascinating insight into these creators’ process and approach. Some standout moments include Siqi’s discussion on her focus on character and story when approaching a new project. As she explains, all the practical elements are, after all, “determined by its story.” 

Johnny Kelly brought his characteristic wit to his insights, “my smoking-hot take is that stop motion and puppetry has felt a resurgence, both in commercials and in film, in the last 20 years because CG animation has rocked into awe-inspiring levels of sophistication… for every Avatar sequel, there will be corresponding Chicken Run.”

Find out more about Conor’s love for bringing everyday objects to life or Paloma’s belief in the medium’s versatility in the full article here.