With just hours left until the new year, Volkswagen is saying one last goodbye to its classic car via an elaborate send-off in Times Square.

Created by Johannes Leonardo, the animated film “The Last Mile” will run on three screens in New York’s epicenter during New Year’s Eve festivities. Additionally, it will air on NBC, CNN and ABC, as well as during the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl and NHL Classic on New Year’s Day.

In July, Volkswagen officially halted production of its iconic Beetle, marking the end of an era for a car best known for its unusual shape, groundbreaking advertising and association with 1960s counterculture.

The 90-second version of “The Last Mile” pays homage to the Beetle through the perspective of a man who grew up with the automobile. After his teenage self learns to drive in one, it’s not long before he takes his very own Beetle to Woodstock, then ultimately to his home where he and his wife raise their daughter. Directed by Fx Goby and animated by Nexus Studios, the ad is set to a version of The Beatles’ “Let It Be” sung by the Pro Music Youth Chorus.

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