All eyes on Neeraja Raj

We are delighted to have rising star, Neeraja Raj on our stellar directorial roster. Since joining Nexus Studios she has already launched her first commissioned project and is currently working on a series adaptation of her multi-award winning short, ‘Meow or Never’ with our Original Content team at Nexus Studios.

Neeraja is a gifted storyteller, with her beautifully crafted stop-motion ‘Meow or Never’ shortlisted for a BAFTA and winning ‘Best Film’ at the Women in Animation 2020 Showcase. Nexus Studios Co-Founder and Executive Producer Charlotte Bavasso explains, “We are thrilled to be working with Neeraja. Her storytelling is this perfect mix of smart, funny and the unexpected, coupled with a huge attention to the craft. She is a truly original contemporary voice in animation today.”

Check out Neeraja’s talent page here.