We were thrilled to see Animation Magazine enjoying our latest project as much as we did. Teaming up with Amazon Studios and Critical Role, we produced a first of its kind event, where Travis Willingham and Sam Riegel, cast from the cult show ‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ voiced and digitally puppeteered their characters, Grog and Scanlan, live to a global audience on Twitch.

An audience of over 20,000 tuned in to the Finale Watch Party on the day, and a further 300,000+ caught up with it post-premiere, and the tooned up twist for this capstone virtual event won praise from many fans commenting.

Developed by our Real-Time team under the charge of the mighty Patrick Osborne, we took motion capture beyond its typical capabilities and developed a system to stylise actor movements in Real-Time. When Travis and Sam spoke and laughed, so did Grog and Scanlan.

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Watch a clip from the live broadcast here.