Co-Founder and ECD Christopher O’Reilly talks to Shoot Online about AR in 2020.

Creative storytellers will soon see how location-based AR has the power to transform public venues–concert/sports venues, museums, stores and malls, educational institutions all over the world–into a new canvas for creativity. The technology will provide a new suite of utilities that provide the connective tissue between the real world and online.

With the emergence of 5G networks along with new VPS technologies, like Scape and 6D.AI, alongside our own creative tool set we call Gilda, we can now accurately locate ourselves within the real world and create an accurate digital twin. The result is the ability to bring to life engaging content and experiences in real world locations like never before.

These technologies, when harnessed effectively in the pursuit of genius creative, mean we can finally elevate AR as a real tool for branding. We have the tools, now let’s let 2020 be the year we apply our collective creative energy to its full application.

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