Delighted to see Forbes magazine include Back to the Moon in their top 15 VR videos of 2018.

Jesse Damiani writes:

7) 360 Google Doodles/Spotlight Stories: Back to the Moon

Google Spotlight Stories has been behind some of the most important narrative VR work to date, and in this joint project with Google Doodles, Google Arts & Culture, and Cinémathèque Française — and produced by Nexus Studios — we find a celebration of the life of French director (and illusionist) Georges Méliès. The project garnered an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Original Interactive Program for its novel animation of the iconic artist.

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Back to the Moon is the first ever collaboration between Google Doodles, Google Spotlight Stories and Nexus Studios, and was co-directed by Fx Goby and Helene Leroux. See the project here.