As a marketer stepping into the world of animation for the first time, you’re met with by a world of possibilities. Being able to precisely determine every pixel of a production provides brands an incredible amount of control and almost infinite options. 2D, 3D, stop-motion, puppetry, cel animation, motion graphics, the list goes on. And finding your medium is just the start. With so much choice, marketers new to animation would be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed.  

To remedy this, LBB spoke to Senior Producer Jo Bierton, Producer Rebecca Archer, alongside other experts in the field, to help marketers get the most out of their next animation project. 

Jo Bierton – Senior Producer, Nexus Studios

In the article, Jo Bierton emphasises the importance of staying focused on your initial concept. “One thing I would say is that once you have an idea or story that you are excited and passionate about – once it is approved, execute that idea to a high standard. It can be easy to get blindsided adding more or changing ideas and designs once the production is up and running. But if you stick to your original, core idea then all of the budget and creative end up on the screen rather than being diluted.”

Rebecca Archer – Producer, Nexus Studios

Rebecca Archer highlights the importance of bringing in the animation team as early as possible. “Having a call with clients and creatives in one room is a good way to introduce key players, as well as go through the basics of the animation process and any specifics to the animation production of that job – usually driven by the technique chosen. Understanding the process means you will get the best out of the team and the animation will get the love and attention it needs to make great work.”

Rebecca goes onto to mention specific considerations and differences between animation and live-action when it comes to versioning your work. “Animation production is very different to live action – thinking through the creative for all channels from the beginning (i.e. social content should not be an afterthought) is important to maximise the creative and the budget so you can do things in parallel. Take advantage of the fact that with animation, you can control every pixel from the start!”

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