For the Cannes Lions issue, Shots caught up with our Co-founder and Executive Creative Director, Christopher O’Reilly, on a few of the inspiring objects that have kept him company and inspired through his 20+ years in the industry.

Says Chris,

This Robert Rauschenberg poster sits right between me and my business partner and Nexus Studios’ Co-Founder, Charlotte Bavasso. She’s originally from France and came to start Nexus straight from Paris. The incredibly talented artists, technical and production staff at our studio have come from all over the world, particularly Europe. Different cultures meeting – Rauschenberg dangling between them. 

I didn’t put it up with this intent, but it is a great image of cultural collaboration. Something that’s been so much a part of Nexus’ story.

A solar powered waving Pope, a massive shoe and prescription VR goggles, read the full article here.