We’re so happy to see Nicolas Ménard’s wonderful stop-motion film for Corona, The History of “La Cerveza Más Fina” winning in the Consumer Goods category and receiving an honourable mention for Animation.

Produced as a partnership between PRWeek and Campaign, the Brand Film Awards U.S. are now in their fifth year and speak to best practice in brand storytelling via film.

In The History of “La Cerveza Más Fina”, viewers are taken on a journey through 90 years of the intertwined history of Mexico and iconic beer Corona. Directed by Nicolas Ménard and narrated by Gael García Bernal, the film was inspired by the art of Pedro Friedeberg, our studio team worked with Andy Gent’s team at Arch Model Studio to design, create and animate a cast of 71 miniature characters, 8 beautifully detailed sets and 350 individually made miniature glass bottles.

Watch: The History of “La Cerveza Más Fina”

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