In an effort to help animation talent curate their portfolios, Digital Arts caught up with our directors Manshen Lo, Nicolas Ménard and Jack Cunningham as well as with our Head of Resourcing, Natalie Busuttil:

Finding success in animation can be a fraught endeavour, whether working in the field of GIF, motion or cartoon narratives. The journey can be made more difficult in trying to work out how to pitch your work to studios and clients.

Perhaps you’re a graduate or a few years into your career, and may have a mixture of static illustration work and animated to your name. Maybe you’re an animator with a decent portfolio and now want to move into animation direction. Do studios therefore want to see a website or showreel? And do they want finished products or progress showreels to show your skills, and if both, what’s the best way to combine the two?

When in doubt, we find it’s best to speak to the best in the industry, and for this tips feature we’ve spoken to one of the US/UK studios you’d best be reaching out to with your work: Nexus, a BAFTA and Cannes Lion-winning leader in film, interactive and animation who’ve worked with Google, Childish Gambino and more.

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