Reflecting on last year’s buzz around the Metaverse, LBB’s Addison Capper looks to industry experts for predictions on whether 2023 will bring more nuanced and mature activations in extended reality.

Multi-talented immersive specialist, Alex, detailed our vision for this space, sharing that “2023 is a year to build on our vision of a persistent, shared reality that does more than overlay the real world, but really inhabits it. A feat that requires a solid understanding of where we are in the world.” Alex continues, “For brands, adopting this practice should be a no-brainer, we can take new or existing characters that are established as the mascot and provide a two-way interaction with users and consumers. Where previously animated characters were produced and comped in the studio with no flexibility after delivery, now we can produce characters that have a non-scripted life of their own, to engage on social platforms, host award shows, present new products or even give live virtual performances using any city in the world as a stage.”

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