Kibwe Tavares | Jonah | Film4 & BFI

A fantasy fable exploring the distances and links between the old and the new. Jonah is a big fish story starring Daniel Kaluuya and investigating themes of the old and the new, and the links and the distances between them. A visual feast, shot though with humour and warmth, it tells an old story in a completely new way.

Watch ‘Jonah’ here.

Mischa Rozema | A Report of Connected Events | Liberty Global

A love letter to storytelling blurring the lines between reality and some of our favourite fictional narratives. Commissioned for US cable giant Liberty Global, Mischa’s film received worldwide critical acclaim winning Clio, Ciclope, Shots and Art of Creativity awards, to name but a few.

Watch ‘A Report of Connected Events’ here.

Fantasista Utamaro | It Girl | Pharrell Williams

An explosive journey through a technicolor dream world of Manga inspired visuals. This animated music video moves through detailed anime sequences and 16-bit video game inspired simulations. A visual feast of trippy and liquid-like transitions, prepare to be lulled into a chilled out trance, perfectly in tune to the lyrics of Pharrell’s ‘It Girl’

Watch ‘It Girl’ here.

Factory Fifteen | Function/Void | The Bug x The Creators Project

A dystopian alternative reality illustrating the collapse of an amplified consumer society. Factory Fifteen and Nexus Studios collaborated with The Creator’s Project and Ninja Tune to create this epic, VFX-driven video short created for Ninja Tune’s acid-grime artist The Bug. The narrative follows the life of a drone living in a totalitarian system, medicated to think, feel and function. The monochrome video uses a mix of live-action and VFX to visualise the fracture and breakdown of his city when he stops conforming.

Watch ‘Function/Void’ here.

Mischa Rozema | The Fall | PlayStation

An epic adventure where mighty gods, intrepid fortune seekers, hardened criminals and other iconic heroes crash into our world. Mischa’s formidable talent for ambitious and epic storytelling is in full effect in this blockbuster spot for PlayStation NOW. Highlighting how the streaming service gives players access to hundreds of games instantly, Mischa worked his magic showing the heroes crashing from the sky into the homes of bewildered gamers, as they’re summoned to consoles from the Cloud.

Watch ‘The Fall’ here.