Earning praise from some of the biggest names in animation press, Jamie Hewlett and Fx Goby’s trippy new music video for Gorillaz continues to shine. Marking a new era and new look for the world’s biggest animated band, the video for ‘Cracker Island’ ft. Thundercat has been featured in the likes of Shots, Little Black Book, Animation World Network, and many more.

“Gorillaz return in the coolest 3D nightmare you’ve ever seen” – LBB

“Gloriously designed by Goby, who uses subtle shading and textures to embed the distinctive characters into their new surroundings, the film’s storytelling not only allows us to get reacquainted with the band but also gives us dazzling moments of flair from guest artist Thundercat.” – Jamie Madge, Shots


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Watch ‘Cracker Island’ ft. Thundercat here.