We are so excited to share that Gorillaz Presents has been nominated for ‘Best Special Visual Project’ and Silent Running for ‘Best Animation in a Video’ in the UK Music Video Awards 2023.

Gorillaz Presents – ‘Best Special Visual Project’

Our incredible team helped Gorillaz transform the streets of New York and London into stages for two immersive performances for ‘Skinny Ape’. Directed by Jamie Hewlett and Fx Goby, the performances were created by our real-time animation and immersive specialist teams, and powered by Google’s Geospatial API.

This was an ambitious project which continues our close relationship with the Gorillaz and solidifies our historic reputation for world-class craftsmanship for entertaining, location-specific AR experiences. 

Silent Running – ‘Best Animation in a Video’

This epic music video continues the series of creative collaborations between artist and Gorillaz Co-creator Jamie Hewlett and Emmy-nominated Director, Fx Goby. The team set out to create a narrative-led, creatively ambitious music video for the band, bringing together prosthetics, pyrotechnics, performance and intricate visual effects.

The seamless blend of live-action and animation unveils the sense of scale needed for the narrative of this video. Conveyed through multiple layers of detail, both large and small, from the incorporation of tiny carvings on the cave walls to the evaporating cult members and the use of real fire on set.

There is a phenomenal lineup this year and we are proud to be included with ‘Gorillaz Presents’ and ‘Silent Running’. Huge congratulations to Gorillaz, Google, Jamie Hewlett and our own Fx Goby!

Want to learn more about these projects? Take a look at some of the action from the Gorillaz Presents: ‘Skinny Ape – Immersive Live Performance’ in Times Square here, and the mysterious hijinx the Gorillaz crew got up to in ‘Silent Running’ here.