Trending on YouTube and earning over 6.5 million views since its release, Gorillaz’s ‘Cracker Island’ video has been making its impact across the web. It’s Nice That reported on the launch of the latest music video from the world’s biggest animated band.

Directed by Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett and our very own Fx Goby, ‘Cracker Island’ ft. Thundercat treats the band to a new look, leaving It’s Nice That to remark that this is what innovation looks like in 2022.

Celebrating the new 3D live-action and animation approach, Liz Gorny praises the video’s storytelling and ponders what the future looks like for Murdoc, Noodle, Russel and 2D: “Thundercat’s cameo quickly kicks off with the singer morphing between the states of inanimate live-action toy and psychedelic VFX vision. Cracker Island continues on in this trippy fashion, culminating in an appearance from Murdoc kitted out in occult robes. This theme surrounds the wider release of the album, echoed in some cryptic online easter egg from Gorillaz.”

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Watch ‘Cracker Island’ ft. Thundercat here.