Happy Pride Month 2022!

As we come to the end of Pride Month, we’re reflecting on a few important projects that celebrate the power of inclusivity. From live action interviews reflecting on the unique experiences of six dancers, to a series of playful stop-motion animations encouraging self-love, each film explores the diverse and multi-faceted nature of queer experience, working to challenge stereotypes, amplify voices, and champion empowerment.

‘TWIST’ by Fx Goby

Created in collaboration with award-winning designer, choreographer, and partner Saul Nash, Fx directed ‘TWIST’ for Saul’s AW21 collection as a reflection on the stereotypes assigned to sportswear and the young men associated with it. Beneath bold, theatrical lighting, tension rises before giving way to an ending that both redirects the narrative and challenges our societal preconceptions.

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‘Notable Women AR’ for Google Creative Lab

‘Notable Women’, created in collaboration with Google and former U.S Treasurer Rosie Rios, highlights 100 American women who shaped US history by placing their portraits where they’ve been historically left out, on US bills. Voted for by the American public, the collection includes the likes of writer Gertrude Stein and astronaut Sally Ride, the first known LGBTQ+ person to travel in space.

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‘Elton John, Live on Apple Music’ by Mighty Nice

Part of a series of animated idents for Apple Music, the talented team at Mighty Nice take us on an enchanting flight through space with the one and only Rocketman, Elton John, in a promo for his radio show.

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‘Right on Tracks’ by Johnny Kelly

Johnny Kelly’s quartet of beautifully crafted puppeteered films aim to encourage people to be kind to one another and themselves. Featuring songs written, composed and performed by Walter Martin (The Walkmen), the shorts feature a total of 98 puppets with buckets of personality celebrating everything from different types of families to self-expression.

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‘The Shimmering Extraordinary’ by Fx Goby

In a powerful series for Scottish Ballet’s inaugural Safe To Be Me™ Festival, Fx explores themes of belonging and acceptance through movement. From six unique perspectives, each performer shares their story through intimate interviews and emotive routines encapsulating the power of dance in helping them embrace their extraordinary selves.

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