With so much creativity and commitment poured into the holiday campaign for Very, we were thrilled to be given the platform to dive into the many, many details incorporated as well as the technical hurdles overcome when LBB reached out to talk to director Paloma Baeze and CG Lead Florian Caspar. 

Speaking with LBB’s Zoe Antonov, Paloma describes how she was inspired by ‘hun culture’ throughout the process, so much so that it became “the foundation in terms of the aesthetic of interiors and character design for our hero flamingos.” 

But it wasn’t all fun and games, Florian goes on to discuss some of the technical difficulties when it came to creating the new feathery brand characters, “Creating hairy characters is well known in the industry as difficult, creating feathery characters is even harder, every feather being a hairy and unique object on its own.” 

Finally, Paloma hints at the layers and layers of complexity and detail peppered throughout the campaign, “we…populated the houses with homey lived-in details that were fun twists in our flamingo/pigeon world. So, picture frames of our bird families on holiday, a flamingo fairy on the tree – and if you look closely, the tea mugs are decorated with shrimp motifs.” 

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