Earlier this year we launched our unique stop-motion anthology The House, a 3 part anthology about a house and the people who inhabited it.

With the Primetime Emmy nominations now soon to be announced, the predictions are flooding in for The House to make award history as the first animated show to be recognised in the ‘Outstanding Television Movie’ category, a space primarily reserved for big budget live action specials.

Bracing ourselves for the ride, we talked to Carlos Aguilar in depth about our ambitions and processes for the project, resulting in a deep dive double spread feature at IndieWire.

We leave you with the opening paragraph and hope that you can read more here.

“Within the halls of an entrancing property, three otherworldly fables unfold, across different time periods and encompassing multiple sets of characters — not all of them human. Beyond the shared setting, an unnerving tone serves as the common denominator. Welcome to The House”

Part II coming soon.