Inspiration and craft: Robertino Zambrano talks to LBB Online about ‘Accents’

Director Robertino Zambrano caught up with LBB Online on all things ‘Accents’. The 2D animated short film in collaboration with Ted Ed was awarded the prestigious Cristal award at Annecy International Film Festival 2019 and beautifully visualises the powerful words of poet Denise Frohman.

Says LBB “In a time of isolation, we crave the warmth of real, human connection. That’s why this raw, textured film appealed to us so much. Poet Denise Frohman gives a brutally honest performance of her piece ‘Accents’ and director Robertino Zambrano weaves an animation with a grain and patina you could almost reach out and touch”

Check out the whole interview here.

Check out Accents here.