Today we announced the launch of Nexus Design Studio, a new division under the Nexus Studios umbrella dedicated to motion design, led by motion whizz Harry Butt. 

We were thrilled that our friends over at It’s Nice That broke the story. Olivia Hingley discussed the news with Harry and Nexus Studios Co-Founder and CEO, Chris O’Reilly, highlighting the new division’s focus on “graphic aesthetics and typography, and work across social media, website design, product launch films, among many areas, thus diversifying and expanding upon Nexus Studios’ already broad animation remit.”

Going on to note: “The studio will exist as a unit within the larger studio structure, and will focus on the fast-paced production of artwork and animation. The new bespoke team is one that Harry has great faith in too – from “VFX gurus” to “animation queens” – that while working amongst a larger organisation, has the feel and flexibility of a small independent studio. “The safety of having so much talent around us means that we can push the industry and format into new exciting places with the confidence to take on big jobs and steer people into exciting motion design executions,” Harry says.”

Read the full article here.
Find out about Nexus Design Studio here.