Ahead of the launch of our highly anticipated series: She Creates Change, the Room to Read team profile one of the directors, Hannah Lau-Walker. Diving into her artistic inspiration, career journey and experience capturing Trang’s powerful story.

She Creates Change is a multimedia storytelling initiative that centres girls’ voices and pursues gender equality. Nexus Studios and Room to Read collaborated  on a six part docu-series, bringing a diverse perspective to each film and highlighting the stories of six young women from Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program to life. 

Director Hannah Lau-Walker led production on the short film titled ‘Trang’, based on a Girls’ Education Participant from Vietnam who discovers the courage and confidence within herself to start a YouTube channel that gains success in building community and supporting her family. Hannah delves into how Trang’s story inspired her, her career journey and her focus on creating more access to the animation industry and incorporating community collaboration into her work.

After graduating from Central Saint Martins in London, Hannah developed her skills and soon went from leading large animation productions to directing her own animations. After over a decade of experience in the animation industry, the alarming issue of women’s inequality became a recurring theme. As a vocal champion for making space for women within the industry, she created a community for women striving to support other women within the animation industry called She Drew That. Hannah’s passion for her work and support for women in the animation industry is evident. 

Speaking on the project and how Trang’s story inspired her, Hannah noted, “I love that Trang doesn’t shy away from her unique character but instead leans in. This vulnerability lets [the audience] into her world. Her character and charm remind me of the great women before her, who’ve taken chances and pushed boundaries.” Hear more about Hannah’s career and journey in her own words here.

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