Head over to LBB where they’ve profiled Neeraja Raj in their editorial channel championing up and coming talent from across the world. The insightful piece details Neeraja’s perspective as a ‘Third Culture Kid’ with a background beginning in Jakarta, Indonesia, high school in Dubai, a Bachelors degree in Animation Film Design at the National Institute of Design, India, where she did a six month placement with Disney, then heading over to the UK for her Masters at the esteemed National Film and Television School. Since signing with us, Neeraja has lent her animation talents to good causes, including a beautiful film for Water Aid and developing her Student BAFTA award nominated graduation film, ‘Meow or Never’ into an exciting new series.

“I’ve always struggled with feeling like time is slipping between my fingers,” says Neeraja. “Perhaps the antidote to that is to capture our stories through the medium of film and hold them in time. My art is what will last, long after I have left the Earth and gone on to whatever there is next. I hope to say something meaningful into the void.”

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