We’re very pleased to announce that in collaboration with BBC Research & Development and more than 30 museums across the UK, we’re developing the ‘Civilisations AR’ app.

‘Civilisations AR’ will be the first augmented reality app from the BBC and marks the launch of new landmark arts and culture series, Civilisations,  on air in early March on BBC Two.

The app will enable people to explore and learn about dozens of treasures from UK museums and will be available for iOS and Android from series launch.

 A wealth of artefacts including an ancient Egyptian mummy, Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’ and The Umbrian Madonna have been digitally scanned to enable app users to explore and discover artefacts like never before.

A ‘spotlight’ feature will reveal interactive ‘hotspots’, which allow users to discover historical information, voiceover and some very special features. These include X-Ray, enabling users to see through or inside an object, Restoration, used to reveal layers of history, for example, bring colour to a faded sculpture or polish an ancient Greek helmet and Translation, used to translate hieroglyphics on the Rosetta Stone. Navigation is also experienced in AR – users can browse the collection via an Augmented Reality Globe.