Nexus Studios are proud to launch Maison Hanko, welcoming a pop-up roster of outstanding directorial and illustrative talent from Japan.

Directors Kouhei Nakama, Hideyuki Tanaka, Shishi Yamazaki, Masahito Kobayashi, and illustrators Kazuhisa Uragami, Takahiro Suganuma, Hiroyuki Izutsu and Takeshi Miyasaka form the initial Maison Hanko line up.  Curation of the roster will continue throughout the year as we spotlight the unique creativity of Japanese talent throughout the Tokyo 2020 Cultural Olympiad.

Nexus has a long and successful history of curating and collaborating with independent Tokyo-based talent and anime studios, the company itself originating as a division of a Japanese company. Maison Hanko revisits this legacy at a time when many will be looking to work with talent based there and our experience lends credible production support for our clients to collaborate with these unique talents.

Maison Hanko artists will be backed by Nexus Studios’ global production offices and animation studios in London, Los Angeles and Sydney and work in collaboration with their existing roster of directors as projects demand.

To learn more about Maison Hanko artists please visit