Fx and Kibwe win big at Ciclope

Nexus Studios director Kibwe Tavares won the Gold Award in Direction for his short film Robot and Scarecrow. The film is an exploration of the modern fairy tale. It follows a Scarecrow and Robot along the summer backdrop of a music festival as they explore love, starring Jack O’Connell and Holiday Grainger.

Nexus Studios’ Fx Goby also scooped a Silver Award in Animation for The Story of an Idea at Ciclope 2017. The charming short film was made for the 2017 Google I/O developers conference. It follows the story of the character ‘Aye’, as he protects and nurtures ‘Idea’ into something stellar. In order to tell this story, Fx directed a team of over 40 studio artists at Nexus to reflect the evolution of animation itself. The film builds from hand drawn 2D black and white animation to a full CG VFX heavy grand finale.