Nexus Studios director Kibwe Tavares won the Gold Award in Direction for his short film Robot and Scarecrow. The film is an exploration of the modern fairy tale. It follows a Scarecrow and Robot along the summer backdrop of a music festival as they explore love, starring Jack O’Connell and Holiday Grainger.

Nexus Studios’ Fx Goby also scooped a Silver Award in Animation for The Story of an Idea at Ciclope 2017. The charming short film was made for the 2017 Google I/O developers conference. It follows the story of the character ‘Aye’, as he protects and nurtures ‘Idea’ into something stellar. In order to tell this story, Fx directed a team of over 40 studio artists at Nexus to reflect the evolution of animation itself. The film builds from hand drawn 2D black and white animation to a full CG VFX heavy grand finale.