It’s Nice That recently released ‘The Creative Skills Report created in partnership with Adobe. The report reflects the skills, needs and opinions of our industry and provides insight by surveying a long list of studios, agencies and brands, into developing trends and themes. This year’s ‘Creative Skill Report’ found that creatives are under-equipped to work with emerging technologies.

In an interview with It’s Nice That, Creative Technology Director Liam Walsh discusses some of the reasons as to why creatives may be lacking in the emerging tech space and uses his personal knowledge and expertise to inspire them to break through.

I think digital skills are increasingly important in the creative industries because they’re becoming increasingly important in the world.” After all, our industry is built on the concept of “reaching and connecting with people,” as the technology director suggests and, “in the real world, people are increasingly doing this through digital means.

I know I’ve benefitted from the generosity of people in the scene who have created tools and projects and given them away for free, or taken the time to answer questions on forums or other social channels,” Liam says. “Honestly, it is (at least for technology sectors) a very welcoming and diverse space.”

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