Augmented Reality Top 8 of 2018

2. Notable Women by Rosie Rios, Google Creative Lab and Nexus Studios

The Notable Women AR app helps you discover the accomplishments of activists, artists, scientists, business leaders, writers, civic leaders and more—right on the money in your wallet. Visualisation is used to see 100 historic American women where they’ve historically been left out: on U.S. currency. AR is used to “swap out the faces we know for the faces we all should,” as the Notable Women website reads.

One of these women is Sojourner Truth who campaigned for abolition and women’s rights, becoming famous for her “Ain’t I a Woman” speech at a women’s rights convention in 1851. Named Isabella when she was born into slavery, she changed her name after gaining her freedom.

The 100 historic women were selected from the Teachers Righting History database, a collection of women whom the American people recommended to appear on actual U.S. currency during Rosie Rios’s time at the U.S. Department of Treasury. While the app is designed with teachers and their students in mind (lesson plans are available here), the content is for everyone.

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