The latest film in the CNN Colorscope series is ‘Orange‘ directed by Nexus Studios’ Emmanuelle Walker. The film explores our perception of the colour and its use across cultures.

(CNN) “Orange: The color of warmth and comfort.

It is the color of fall, of beautiful sunsets, of a warm fireplace in the dreary winters and of marigold flowers.

Frank Sinatra called orange the happiest color. Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky described orange as “red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.”
It is a sacred color in many Eastern religions. Hindu and Buddhist monks wear orange robes, and in Hinduism, orange represents fire and therefore purity; impurities are burned in fire.
The word orange came into the vernacular late, according to Julian Yates, professor of English and material culture studies at University of Delaware.
The color and the fruit are closely tied together; the English word for the color comes from the same word as the fruit, Yates said.”
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