At Nexus Studios, we are recognising the enormity of the climate crisis and our role within it. We want to uphold our position as a future thinking company, that is why we are one of the founding signatories of the industry’s strategy to tackle climate change. The Advertising Association launched the Ad Net Zero Action Plan to reduce the carbon impact of UK Advertising to reach (real) net zero by 2030.

Becoming a Supporter of Ad Net Zero means:

  • We agree with the ambition of reducing the working practices of UK advertising to real net zero by end 2030.
  • We will be taking steps to put the Ad Net Zero Action Plan into practice over the next six-12 months.
  • We will share the Ad Net Zero Action Plan with colleagues to ensure there is a clear understanding of the actions everyone working in your company needs to take to achieve our ambition.

Find out all about the Ad Net Zero Action Plan and how we will achieve these goals here.