Teaming up with Colenso BBDO, we took on the ambitious goal of turning every PEDIGREE ad into an ad for a locally adoptable shelter dog. To meet the challenge, Nexus Studios developed an AI-powered innovation that transforms amateur dog photos captured by busy shelter workers into professional-grade photography which can be placed into any Pedigree digital poster local to the shelter where the dog is waiting for their new home.

Last night, our efforts were awarded a Grand Prix at Cannes Lions in the Outdoor category. This is the fourth Grand Prix Nexus Studios has been awarded.

Launched earlier this year, the technology continues to be rolled out globally by 2026, every digital touchpoint is on track to feature a local adoptable dog. Only using this unique Nexus Studios developed pipeline could this be achieved at this scale.

The campaign’s success speaks for itself: in just the first two weeks, we saw a sixfold increase in shelter visits, visitors were 12% more likely to adopt if visiting the shelter from an Adoptable asset and 50% of featured dogs were adopted.

“The Adoptable campaign, which used AI to turn dog adoption listings into targeted, dynamic digital out-of-home ads, won for three reasons,” the Outdoor Jury President, Marco Venturelli explained. “First, it showed a big brand with a big commitment. Second, it didn’t use AI for the sake of it – ‘it would be impossible without AI,” he said, and the team used “technology not to replace craft and art, but to move the category forward.”

We are proud to have led such an innovative campaign which brings together Nexus Studios’ expertise in cutting-edge technology with an important and ambitious goal of helping re-home dogs at scale.

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