We’re thrilled to see ‘Right on Tracks’ feature as AdWeek’s Ad of the Day. Says Doug Zanger:

Working with 72andSunny, director Johnny Kelly brought to life a series of puppeteered films encouraging folk to be kind to one another and themselves.

Says Doug Zanger from AdWeek:

Right on Tracks are four empathetic shorts that cover family dynamics, bullying, self-confidence and friendship. Created by the brand and 72andSunny, each uses peppy, upbeat music from songwriter Walter Martin of the New York-based band The Walkmen, and colorful, uniquely shaped puppets to get messages of love, caring and inclusiveness across effectively.

“It’s All Family” shows the wide range of families in American society including those with single and divorced parents, same-sex couples, adopted and foster children, and more. “Step Up” takes on the topic of bullying and includes four steps that kids should take when they witness bullying. Additionally, the song reminds people that bullies “need love too.” “Just Be You” is all about kids feeling comfortable about what they think makes them different.

There is a subtle, but lovely nod in the second verse of the song for transgender kids. Finally, “Sit With Someone New” encourages kids to sit with someone new at school and reminds them that the person they sit with today is not only a nice thing to do, but that person could end up being their best friend. Overall, the campaign is a welcome breath of fresh air.

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