For their March Talent Focus, Shots caught up with a number of established directors on the promos that launched them to the next level in their career.

Amongst them was Shynola, our directing trio whose eclectic and multi-disciplinary approach means no two projects are ever the same, and who shared their reflections about ‘Guns Blazin’ commissioned by Mo’Wax for the NME awards.

“The piece that kickstarted everything for us was a piece commissioned by Mo’Wax for the NME awards, for the track Guns Blazin‘. Unkle had been nominated and wanted something to represent them, beyond a turgid talking head. By sheer coincidence I had written to Mo’ Wax that summer with a VHS tape of animation, stating a desire to make something for them. For reasons unknown they took a chance on us, for which we’ll forever be grateful. We made it from our bedrooms in the evenings because we had menial day jobs or, like me, were still at college. I recall we spent the budget on a scanner. That short piece snowballed from one job to another until we quit our day jobs and here we are twenty years later. We don’t have the scanner any more.”

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