Harnessing the magic of AR and VR, it’s been great to see StoryTrails making its way across the UK these past couple of months. Starting off in Omagh in July, the project has been telling local stories by local people, reanimating public spaces and transforming them into immersive portals to the past through the help of virtual and augmented reality installations. 

It’s been such an honour to be a part of the project, and we’re excited to share some of its glowing public feedback soon!

With eight locations still to go, StoryTrails is heading to Wolverhampton this Saturday and Sunday. Find the full itinerary below:

Wolverhampton, 6-7th August
Swansea, 10-11th August
Newport, 13-14th August
Bristol, 20-21st August
Swindon, 27-28th August
Slough, 3-4th September
Lambeth, 10-11th September
Lewisham, 17-18th September

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