We were thrilled to see The House receiving a 96% rating on the Tomatometer and 70% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes. Summarising… “whether you’re a fan of stop-motion animation or just looking for something deeply, alluringly weird, The House will feel like home.” Certified Fresh is a special distinction awarded to the best-reviewed movies and TV shows that receive either five reviews from Top Critics or a consistent Tomatometer score of 75% or higher. Some of our favourite reviews were:

“The House is a remarkable and affecting meditation on obsession, materialism, self-acceptance, and learning the difference between a dream and a delusion.”

“May be the most delightfully strange project Netflix has ever put its money behind.”

“The stop motion animation is clever and often creepy, especially in story two, with anthropomorphized rats as the characters and two, in particular, with a high creep factor.”

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