Neeraja Raj | Meow or Never

Neeraja’s Student BAFTA shortlisted ‘Meow or Never’ is a madcap musical stop-motion film, where a catstronaut travels the galaxy looking for the meaning of life – only to encounter an overeager space pup who causes trouble at every turn! The duo go on an unexpected journey together and she discovers a lot more than she expected to find.

Find out more about Meow or Never here.

Billie Eilish | Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles

A love letter to Los Angeles from Billie Eilish directed by Patrick Osborne. In collaboration between Nexus Studios, Interscope Films, Disney+, Robert Rodriguez and Patrick Osborne, we helped bring to life Billie’s ambitious creative vision of producing a multimedia concert feature film, paying homage to classic Hollywood.

Watch Happier Than Ever here.

Nexus Interactive Arts | Game View

Working closely with AT&T, we continue our quest to elevate sport stats through next-generation augmented reality, bringing a series of bespoke visualizations to life. Fans can now follow their favorite team and players, with real-time data delivered straight to AT&T 5G Game View, and share exciting milestones and animations with their friends and family.

Find out more about AT&T’s Partnership with the NBA and WNBA here.

Haein & Paul | Peepin

Jam-packed with colour and witty character design the ‘Peepin’ showcases the directorial pairs’ unique ability to capture human interactions in a quirky and memorable way by following three primary school girls who discover something naughty in the school’s back building. Beyond its laugh-out-loud comedy, ‘Peepin’ also reflects the race-related issues that overshadowed both of the artists’ experiences growing up in Australia, a common thread running through most of their work.

Watch Peepin here.

Nexus Interactive Arts | Notable Women

Alongside Google, we teamed up with former U.S Treasurer Rosie Rios to launch ‘Notable Women’, shining a light on the lack of representation of women on paper currency in the US. The AR app features 100 women voted for by the American public from a collection developed by American teachers included in the selection are Maya Angelou, Wilma Mankiller and Helen Keller.

Find out more about Notable Women here.

Robertino Zambrano | Love in the time of March Madness

​​Blazing with honesty and dark humor, this animated “tall short” is a true story about embracing difference that is certain to disarm and delight. The Tribeca Film Festival-winning short follows the romantic misadventures of basketball star Melissa Johnson as she dates shorter men and gets cheered or jeered wherever she goes.

Watch Love in the time of March Madness here.

Manshen Lo | GLAS Signal Film

Manshen had been thinking about ‘making her drawings move’ for a while when she received an open brief from GLAS Festival to create the poster and animated signal film for 2019. The intriguing sequence brought to life her ability to capture a mood of quiet and characterful introspection, and aimed to capture movement ‘in-between of seriousness and playfulness’.

Watch the GLAS Signal Film here.