Here’s looking at SXSW 2024! We’re hoping to bring three fascinating panels to sunny Austin, be sure to vote for our PanelPicker entries before voting ends 20th August. From the boundless storytelling possibilities across platforms, next gen fandom in sports and an XR Roundtable covering music, gaming and learning.

Vote for the panel you want to see below:

Animated Storytelling: A Multiverse Journey | Vote Here 

Embark on a visionary multiverse journey led by double Emmy-nominated Director, Fx Goby, XR trailblazers, Deborah Casswell and Sarah Arruda from Nexus Studios. Immerse yourself in boundless storytelling possibilities across platforms, from live animated characters engaging with fans in real-time to life-changing VR experiences and mesmerizing AR musical concerts.
Discover how agile methods and real-time technology are shaping a new content ecosystem, empowering audiences as active participants in dynamic, personalized narratives.

Next Gen Fandom: 5G, XR and The Future of Sports | Vote Here 

Join innovation leaders from T-Mobile, Nexus Studios, and Immersal as they discuss what it takes to build the next generation of mobile sports applications for fans. The merging of live positional tracking data streamed over 5G with AR technologies that quickly map the world is enabling a new form of app that overlays real-time data on your phone’s camera. In this panel, we explore some of the specifics around exactly how this is done – what the technical challenges are and how to overcome them.

XR Roundtable: The State of Play — Music | Gaming | Learning | Vote Here 

What does the landscape of AR/VR/MR look like for audiences? Join a conversation with industry leaders from Warner Music Group, Niantic, Nexus Studios, and Meta to learn how they approach building extended reality experiences and products. From leveraging smart glasses to make you smarter, to seeing the world through Pokémon Go, and inventing new avenues of fandom, the pathways to participation are diverse. This stellar panel of practitioners aims to give visibility into the business of driving innovation forward.