We are thrilled to see Little Red the Inventor, our story created for Within‘s voice-activated AR app, Wonderscope, so well-received by VR Scout. Kyle Melnick and Alice Bonasio reviewed Little Red as a “charming AR story that helps kids learn”

“At first glance, Little Red the Inventor is a rather sweet-looking little AR app where you get to help out Little Red Riding Hood as she tries to make her way through the forest, out of trouble, and ultimately to her grandma’s house.

But this is a bit more than just the retelling of a classic fairy tale. For one, it was created and directed by Tuna Bora, whose work with Oscar-nominated Pearl won her an Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Production Design. This gives the project some notable pedigree, as does the fact it was produced by Nexus studios, which has a growing reputation for producing beautiful and thought-provoking interactive experiences using immersive tech.

In this particular re-imagining, Little Red is an inventor looking to take her Grandma’s gardening to the next level. But to do so she’s going to have to learn to stand up for herself and venture beyond her own garden into Wolf Forest. Her mix of strength and vulnerability is something that I found quite refreshing, as it challenges many of the stereotypes we’ve come to expect not only in fairy tales (where there is some excuse), but also in the way modern media still tends to portray young girls.”

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